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We are one of the UK's leading supplier of electronic cigarette starter kits and vaping products for the consumer market. We supply the very best quality e cig and e-cigarette starter kit products directly to the customer we do not have any middle men taking their cut so this allows our customers to benefit from the very best value. We are primarily an online supplier because it allows us to minimize costs and maintain an extremely high standard of customer service.

E cigarettes are some of the newest and most innovative products currently on the market, there is little to compare them to because they are so new. The most positive thing about vaping products that we sell is they can save the consumer around 70% on the cost of buying nicotine in other forms such as tobacco.

All of our products are shipped via the royal mail recorded delivery system (Special delivery on large orders over £100) so buyers of our stock know they are getting the very highest quality service available. This also means orders will arrive in the quickest possible time.

We always send our orders in discreet unmarked envelopes so there is no identifying marks to show what is inside our deliveries. Please note we will not supply our products to the USA or Europe countries under any circumstances. Our focus is only on the electronic cigarette UK market (including England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland).

Merits of e cigarette cartridge refills

The decision to make the switch from tobacco to a smoking alternative is usually one of the best decisions that smoker can make in their lifetime. These products are considered to be healthier because the vapor produced is simply water vapor and just used to bring out the particular flavor of the e-liquid in the device.

Tips for e-cigs have a number of advantages that are attached to them for the benefit of the users. These benefits are varied and they bring out the importance of these components on the e cigarette and they include:
• An refill can be purchased in a variety of flavors which in turn gives options to smokers who might want a change from the standard tobacco flavor. The flavors available has made the device a “must have” for many people who want to have the closest experience to smoking an ordain tobacco cigarette.
• The cartridge refills are also much cheaper than buying packs of cigarettes on a daily basis to satisfy a smoking urge. The refills are usually sold in packs of different quantities to provide variety to people who might want to buy them to use with their e cig.
• These cartridge refills are easily available on a variety of online stores that sell accessories for the ecigs which means that whenever they are needed they can be bought immediately. The availability of the refills ensures that a user of device can enjoy their smoke at all times.
• Cartridges for an electronic cigarette can also be bought in bulk so that whenever they are needed they can be used without delay.
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